History of C Programming Language

It is good to learn about the history of C programming. C was developed and written by Dennis M. Ritchie in the year 1972, and hence he is known as the founder of C.

C programming language was developed to overcome the difficulties found in older programming languages such as BCPL, BASIC, B, etc.

History of Programming Languages and C

Here are the lists of programming languages that were developed with or before C:

Programming LanguageDevelopment Year
Regional Assembly Language1951
IPL (forerunner to LISP)1954
FLOW-MATIC (led by COBOL)1955
FORTRAN (First compiler)1957
COMTRAN (precursor to COBOL)1957
ALGOL 581958
FACT (forerunner to COBOL)1959
CPL (forerunner to C)1963
Speakeasy (computational environment)1964
BCPL (forerunner to C)1967

C is imperative language and designed to compile in a relatively straightforward manner which provides low-level access to the memory. With the gradual increase in the popularity of the program, the language and its compiler have become available on a wide range of platforms from embedded microcontrollers to supercomputers.

With the introduction of K&R C language (which is a new edition of C published in 1978 by Brian Kernighan and Denis Ritchie), several features have been included in C language.

Some of these features are:

  • Standard I/O (Input/Output) Library
  • long int - data type
  • unsigned int - data type
  • Compound assignment operators

During the late 1980s, C was started to use for a wide variety of mainframe computers, micro and mini computers which began to get famous. Gradually C got its superset - i.e., C++ which has added features, but it's developed from C with all its initial concepts.

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