Cloud Computing Tutorial Library

37 Lessons

Cloud Computing Strategy

There is no inadequacy of Cloud Computing technology-based services of users are financially ready. Also we all love the free stuffs which cloud provide users are often useful than paid ones. Cloud is considered as the most cheapest, faster and […]

    Economics of Cloud Computing

    Like food & logging, computing has also become the daily need, especially for economic forces, business drivers and firms, enterprises & companies. In the olden days, it is said that - economy is directly related to energy. Similarly, a person's […]

      Cloud infrastructure

      Cloud technology also has a specific type of infrastructure that allows it to give so much advantage to its users. Cloud computing, as a whole, is a combination of different hardware and software that makes cloud technology working utterly wonderful. […]


        Cloud Computing Architecture

        The cloud infrastructure is closely related to its architecture and comprises many cloud components that are loosely connected. The broad divisions of cloud architecture are: Front-end Back-end It is the back-end responsibility to provide data security for cloud users and […]


          Cloud Virtualization

          The term 'Virtualization' can be used in many respect for computers. It is the process of creating a virtual environment of something which may include hardware platforms, storage devices, OS, network resources, etc. The cloud's virtualization mainly deals with server […]

            Hardware Virtualization

            As in the early topic, you have learned about the virtualization, its types, work, and features. The virtualization types itself make a broad topic. So let's first discuss the Hardware Virtualization in detail. Hardware Virtualization It is the abstraction of […]

              Software Virtualization

              It is also called application virtualization is the practice of running software from a remote server. Software virtualization is similar to that of virtualization except that it is capable to abstract the software installation procedure and create virtual software installation. […]

                Server Virtualization

                It is the division of physical server into several virtual servers and this division is mainly done to improvise the utility of server resource. In other word it is the masking of resources that are located in server which includes […]

                  Storage Virtualization

                  It pools the physical storage from different network storage devices and makes it appear to be a single storage unit that is handled from a single console. As we all know there has been a strong bond between physical host […]

                    Operating System (OS) Virtualization

                    As in cloud technology, virtualization plays an important role to make things easy and efficiently done, virtualization also need to be done at the OS level also. With the technique of virtualized OS, nothing is required to be pre-installed or […]

                      Google Cloud Services

                      Google is an ideal cloud technology providing company which supports some of the largest services & websites. Making the company's search technology as core, the Google's main business runs. It uses mechanized technology to index the web. It provides a […]

                        Cloud Capacity Planning

                        For available resources, capacity planning seeks a heavy demand. It determines whether the systems are working properly, used to measure their performance, determine the usage of patterns and predict future demand of cloud-capacity. This also adds an expertise planning for improvement […]


                          Cloud Security Challenges

                          Cloud is a boon to new generation technology. But if it fails to ensure proper security protection, cloud services could ultimately result in higher cost & potential loss of business thus eliminating all the potential benefits of cloud technology. So […]


                            Cloud Operations

                            The effective cloud infrastructure demands effective structure & organization to perform the different operations. It doesn't need a massive endeavor to perform execution & cloud planning. A small group of targeted IT & business professionals can effectively manage that. Defining […]


                              Cloud Cube Model

                              There is an open-group association Jericho Forum & their focus is on how to protect and secure cloud network. They put forward a model that helps to categorize a cloud network based on four-dimensional factors. The figure is drawn below […]


                                Amazon Web Services (AWS)

                                One of the most famous and massive traffic websites is the which offers a vast selection of products using infrastructure-based web service. This company was started in the year 2006 with the available platform on web-service for developers on […]

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