Cloud Computing Tutorials 37 Lessons

Cloud Cube Model

There is an open-group association Jericho Forum & their focus is on how to protect and secure cloud network. They put forward a model that helps to categorize a cloud network based on four-dimensional factors. The figure is drawn below […]

    Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    One of the most famous and massive traffic websites is the which offers a vast selection of products using infrastructure-based web service. This company was started in the year 2006 with the available platform on web-service for developers on […]

      Microsoft Cloud Services

      Microsoft has a very widespread cloud computation which is under active development. Various efforts are made by Microsoft for adding capabilities to existing Microsoft's Tools. Microsoft's advancement is to make progress towards software along with a service. Cloud services completely […]

        Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

        Cloud Computing depict a broad movement towards internet and the use of WAN and enable smooth interaction between IT service providers of many types and consumers. Cloud technology brings with it a large number of key benefits and risks. These […]

          Media Streaming

          Streaming files is a way to deal with large content of files in pieces so that playback can begin more quickly. Cloud computing and its ever-growing technology has a heavy impact on streaming. Streaming is performed where there is broadcasting […]

            Managing The Cloud

            Deployments of cloud technology must be monitored and managed in order to be optimized for a better performance. For analyzing problems of distributed network applications the cloud adds the virtual infrastructure, which is one of the most active area of […]

              Mobile Cloud And Services

              Here, we will learn about the mobile phones and their interaction with the cloud. There lies a drastic change in the civilization because of the cell-phone technology. Cell phones fall under 2 categories: Featured Phones: which are phones with added […]