Data Structures Tutorials 21 Lessons

Merge Sort Algorithm

Merge sort is another sorting technique and has an algorithm that has a reasonably proficient space-time complexity - O(n log n) and is quite trivial to apply. This algorithm is based on splitting a list, into two comparable sized lists, […]

    Quick Sort Algorithm

    Quick sort is one of the most famous sorting algorithms based on divide and conquers strategy which results in an O(n log n) complexity. So, the algorithm starts by picking a single item which is called pivot and moving all […]

      Insertion Sort Algorithm

      Insertion sort is a to some extent an interesting algorithm with an expensive runtime characteristic having O(n2). This algorithm can be best thought of as a sorting scheme which can be compared to that of sorting a hand of playing […]

        Binary Trees

        This chapter explores one of the most important non-linear data structures, i.e., trees. Various kinds of trees are available with different features.

        • The Non-Linear Data structure.
        • What is a Binary Tree?
        • Applications of Binary Tree.
        • Types of Binary Trees.

        AVL Trees

        In this chapter, you will learn about the Height balance tree which is also known as the AVL tree.

        • What is AVL Tree?
        • Advantages of AVL tree.

        Forests and Orchards

        In this chapter you will learn about the basic concepts of forests and how orchards are formed in data structure.

        • What are Forests and Orchards?
        • What is Rotation?