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Java Numbers

In most of the cases, programmers use the primary data types such as byte, int, long, double, etc. to work with numbers. This is because these are most commonly used data types which come in handy while creating usual programs. […]

    Java Characters

    Characters are considered among the most important data type in every programming language. For Java also, basic text-based computations are done using 'char' data type which is the primary data type for Java.

      Java Arrays

      • Define an Array
      • Initialize an Array
      • Accessing Array Elements

        Java Control Statements

        The statements that control the execution flow of the program are known as control statements. In a program, we modify and repeat the data several times. We need some tools for these modifications that will control the flow of the program, and to perform this type of tasks Java Provides control statements.

          Java if Statements

          If statements in Java is used to control the program flow based on some condition, it's used to execute some statement code block if the expression evaluated to true; otherwise, it will get skipped.

            Java Loops

            Java loops execute a block of commands a specified number of times, until a condition is met.

            • What is Loop?
            • while loops
            • do while loops
            • for loops

              Java for loops

              • Java for loops explained in details
              • Flowchart with example

                Java Strings Class

                • Strings Initialization
                • Concatenating Strings
                • String Case
                • Trim String
                • String length

                  Java Date & Time

                  • Current timestamp
                  • Current Date & Time
                  • Comparing Dates
                  • Date Formatting
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