Java Tutorials 59 Lessons

Java Interface

A large number of real-life applications need the concept of multiple inheritance. Java provides an alternative way of using multiple inheritance know as interfaces.

    Java Packages

    In this chapter, you will learn about how packages are used within a Java program.

      Java Aggregation

      Aggregation can be said as a relation between two classes that is best described as a has-a and whole/part relationship. It is a more specialized version of the association relationship. Now, what is association? In Java, when you think of […]

        Java Method Overriding

        Declaring a method in the subclass which already exists there in the parent class is known as method overriding.

          Java Autoboxing and Annotation

          These features are important and play a very important role in dealing with primitive data types. In this chapter, you will learn about how to use these features within a Java source code.

            Java Enumeration

            In this chapter, you will learn about what is enumeration and how it is used within Java programming language to do different tasks.