JSON Tutorials 8 Lessons

Represent your Data in Text


JSON Tutorial

This Introductory chapter helps the beginner to get started in JSON.

    JSON Introduction

    This lesson describes What is JSON and what you can do by using it.

      JSON Syntax

      JSON syntax is regarded as a subset of JavaScript syntax. This lesson describes how to write JSON syntax.

        JSON Data Types

        JSON provides data for multiple uses in human readable format and can be used by many programming languages like C++, C#, Python, Java, Perl, etc. So to satisfy their data structure and data type, JSON supports various data types of its own to make things easier. In this tutorial, you will be learning about the data types in JSON.

          JSON in JavaScript

          The main use of JSON is to fetch JSON data from a web server, and convert JSON data to JavaScript object for use in the web page. This lesson describes how to use JSON in JavaScript.

            JSON Objects

            Objects in JSON are powerful ways of storing data. You can use JavaScript to create JSON objects. In this tutorial, you will learn different methodologies to create objects in JSON using JavaScript.

              Difference Between JSON and XML

              JSON and XML both of the technologies are used for representing data in a proper human understandable format and are independent of any computer language. In this tutorial, you will see the significant points which bring differentiation among JSON and XML and make JSON more trending than XML.