Java Server Pages (JSP) Tutorial Library

20 Lessons

JSP - JSTL Core <c:import> Tag

c:import is similar to JSP 'include', which has an additional feature of using absolute URL to include the content of any resource within the server or from a different server to the current JSP page.

    JSP - JSTL Core <c:set> Tag

    c:set allows to set the result of an expression in a variable within a given scope. Using this tag helps to set the property of 'JavaBean' and the values of the 'java.util.Map' object.

      JSP - JSTL Core <c:remove> Tag

      tag removes a particular variable from a given scope, and if a scope is not already mentioned, then it looks for it in the (page, request, session, and application) and removes it if found there.

        JSP - JSTL Core <c:catch> Tag

        JSTL tag is used in handling unusual situations that cause errors. It is implemented to catch any throwable exception that occurs in the program body during run time.

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