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PHP Headers

This lesson describes how to use PHP header function.

    PHP Cookies

    This lesson describes how to use cookies in PHP.
    Create a Cookie, Retrieve a Cookie Value and Delete a Cookie.

      PHP Sessions

      This lesson describes how to use Sessions in PHP.
      Starting a Session, Storing a Session Variable and Destroying a Session.


        PHP RSS Feed

        This tutorial describes PHP RSS feed basic structure, creating and reading RSS feed.

          Compare Strings In PHP

          Almost every programming supports the facility of comparing values ​​for different variables. When building applications in PHP, you may encounter a situation where you may need to compare values. If the values ​​you are comparing are Boolean or integer values, […]

            array_diff() Function in PHP

            The array_diff() is a built-in function of PHP, and this function is implemented for calculating or comparing the difference between two or more arrays. The comparison between arrays is made based on the values of the element between one or more array, and then their differences are returned as a new array.

              Environment Variables in PHP

              PHP environment variable allows developers to dynamically gather specific types of data from existing servers. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use PHP environment variables and what are their features.

                array_merge() Function in PHP

                array_merge() function is a built-in function of PHP that is used to merge two or more arrays or several elements into a single array. In this tutorial, you will learn about PHP array_merge() function for merging two or more arrays.

                  array_search() Function in PHP

                  PHP provides a built-in function - array_search(), which is implemented to search for a particular value from an array and return a key. When the value is found, it will return its corresponding key. In case the value is found in the array multiple times, then the function will return the first key matching it.

                    eval() in PHP

                    eval() is a language construct in PHP, which is used to evaluate a given string as PHP code and then execute it. In this tutorial, you will learn about the usage and benefits of PHP eval().

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