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SDLC Agile Model

The Agile software development model was mainly intended for helping developers build a project which can adapt to transforming requests quickly. So, the most important endeavor for developing the Agile model is to make easy and rapid project achievement.

    What is a Thread in Java?

    A thread can be considered as the path taken for the execution of a program. By default, Java has one thread always running which is the main() thread, and it is created purposefully by the JVM only.

      Stress and Performance Testing

      Stress testing is a form of non-functional testing method which does a portion of performance testing in software testing. Stress testing and performance testing are two major testing types used in software testing.

        Common Mistakes in Business

        Entrepreneurs usually make common mistakes. Some become costly which botch your planning and management or in some case assigning a wrong employee or team member for taking on any vital project. On an elevated level, entrepreneurs can linger too long […]

          JSON Schemas

          For JSON based formats there are specifications that define the JSON structure. This is called Schemas of JSON. Schemas help in describing the existing data format given by the user.


            C Tutorial

            This Introductory chapter helps beginner programmer to get started in C programming.

              Database Concepts

              A database intends to have a collection of data stored together to serve multiple applications as possible. Hence a database is often conceived of as a repository of information needed for running certain functions in a corporation or organization. Such […]

                MySQL DATA Security

                Important Rules for Working with MySQL with Data Protection Enhancements.

                  Remove Space From a String in Python

                  Spaces are also considered as a character inside a string, and sometimes unnecessary spaces in the string cause wrong results. Therefore, such blank spaces should be removed from the string before being used.


                    Operating System Introduction

                    An Operating System (OS) acts as an interface connecting a computer user with the hardware of the computer.

                    • What is an Operating System?
                    • Features of Operating System.
                    • Objectives of Operating System.

                    SDLC RAD Model

                    RAD which is abbreviated as Rapid Application Development Model, is based on the concepts of both iterative and prototyping development model. It is another popular model for software development and has its characteristics and features.

                      Business Models

                      There are a wide variety of business models. But here you will learn about the most popular form of business models and their culture. Since every organization needs a business model, you as an entrepreneur you should take a more […]


                        Photoshop Create Animated GIF Banner

                        GIF is a (Graphics Interchange Format) of computer graphic file, which is very useful to create logos, icons, banners or symbols with transparency.

                          Data Recovery in DBMS

                          Data Recovery is the method of restoring the database to its correct state in the event of a failure at the time of the transaction or after the end of a process.

                          • What is Data Recovery?
                          • What is the Need for Recovery of data?
                          • Recovery Facilities.

                          Matrices in Python

                          Python is known for its neatness and clean data readability and handling feature. There are various techniques for handling data in Python such as using Dictionaries, Tuples, Matrices, etc. In this tutorial, you will be learning about the matrices and its functionalities.

                            Automated Testing

                            Automated testing is the technique of testing a product which requires special application tools for controlling the test execution and eventually evaluates test outputs with predicted ones.

                            • What Functions to Automate Using Automated Testing?
                            • Importance of Automation Testing.
                            • When to Perform Automated Test?

                            Business Capital

                            Know how to use the capital, and a strong business plan can help an enterprise grow. Entrepreneurs need to understand what capital is and how it can be best utilized. When you as an entrepreneur hit on some fantastic idea, […]

                              Difference Between Checked and Unchecked Exceptions in Java

                              In Java programming, for every occurrence of an exception, there generates an exception object, which holds all the details of the exception. Then the program searches for its respective exception handler. If found, the exception is handled or resolved or else the program execution stops.


                                Java Tutorial

                                Java is robust technology widely used to develop application software. This Java tutorial series will help you get started learning Java programming from the basics.