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Team Building - The Employers

Success doesn't come so easily; neither for normal people nor for entrepreneurs. There are a lot of phases one has to cross in order to make a business successful or raise an enterprise to a better position. Team building or hiring the right employees is one of the most important factors for starting a successful startup or enterprise.

    Growth Strategies

    If your company is a startup or mid-sized company, you as an entrepreneur will always look for growing the business as well as elevate the profit percentage and sales for the product. So, each company has to follow some specific […]


      Amazon Web Services (AWS)

      One of the most famous and massive traffic websites is the which offers a vast selection of products using infrastructure-based web service. This company was started in the year 2006 with the available platform on web-service for developers on […]

        RESTful Web Services

        REST is abbreviated as Representational State Transfer is a phrase coined by Mr. Roy Fielding in the year 2000. It is a structural design approach for crafting loosely attached applications using HTTP which is often implemented in the growth of web services.

          Common Mistakes in Business

          Entrepreneurs usually make common mistakes. Some become costly which botch your planning and management or in some case assigning a wrong employee or team member for taking on any vital project. On an elevated level, entrepreneurs can linger too long […]

            Company Mantra (Mission Statement)

            Mantras are mission statements that are short precise, and it explains to you, your co-founders, investors, shareholders, fundraisers, employees and targeted customers what your company goal is. Make a note, not to make a very generic mission statement. Once that […]

              International Business and Cultural Risk

              International business (IB) is a stream for commerce that includes all trade activities which can take place for promoting the transportation of goods, resources, services, workforce, technologies, and ideas crossing the countrywide boundaries. IB also includes business-related transactions that can […]

                Alpha and Beta Testing

                In this chapter, you will be learning about the two most essential and frequently uses testing methodologies - the alpha and beta testing techniques.

                • What is Alpha Testing?
                • What is Beta Testing?
                • Difference Between Alpha and Beta Testing.

                REST Methods

                As discussed so far in the earlier chapter that RESTful web service makes use of HTTP for determining the action to be conceded out on the particular resources. For comprehending the REST structural design, it is exceedingly vital that to […]


                  SDLC Iterative Model

                  The iterative software development model is an approach of segmenting any large software development process into smaller portions. This type of SDLC model does not target to establish a complete specification plan.

                    Remove Space From a String in Python

                    Spaces are also considered as a character inside a string, and sometimes unnecessary spaces in the string cause wrong results. Therefore, such blank spaces should be removed from the string before being used.

                      Load YouTube Video Dynamically

                      In this tutorial instead of embedding a YouTube video directly while on page loads, we are going to load the video player when the user ask to do this.

                        DBMS Introduction

                        A database management system (DBMS) refers to the technology for creating and managing databases. basically, DBMS is a software tool to organize (create, retrieve, update and manage) data in a database.

                        • Why Use DBMS?
                        • Where is Database Management System (DBMS) being Used?


                        PHP array sort by multiple keys

                        Many moments have come where I had a PHP array from a database, and I had to sort it based on some array key. This function is used to sort the array based on some columns.

                          REST Resources

                          The initial concept of the RESTful API is its resource and their functionality. It acts as an object of OOP (Object Oriented Programming) language or a database entity. As the resources are recognized, they're determined using a standard format so […]


                            PHP Media Gallery

                            PHP Media Gallery is open-source free PHP script to upload and display photographs and YouTube videos easily in one place. It can be used as the photo gallery, video gallery or both.


                              Swift Tutorial

                              Swift is a new programming language for developing apps for IOS and Mac OS, and it is destined to become the foremost computer language in the mobile and desktop space.