The web is a hypermedia-based structure which provides a source of browsing information over the internet in a non-sequential format by the use of hyperlinks which redirects users to more resources and information. The World Wide Web abbreviated as WWW, supply a simple 'point and click' means of exploring and viewing and also storing a large volume of pages of information that are residing on the Internet.

Much of the Web's success is because of the simplicity and ease with which it permits users to provide, use and pass on to information distributed geographically to the entire world via servers. Moreover, it gives users with the ability and simplicity to browse multimedia documents independently of the computer hardware being used. All these data and or information need to reside somewhere. So, for that a Database structure is essential.

The web follows the Client-server model and much of the data and information are kept on the Web is stored in documents format using a language called HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language) that when requested by the client send from the server, and browsers understand and interpret HTML to visualize these documents. Furthermore, the protocol which governs the exchange of information between the Web server and the browser to its respective users is the HTTP (Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol).

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