Business Capital

Know how to use the capital, and a strong business plan can help an enterprise grow. Entrepreneurs need to understand what capital is and how it can be best utilized. When you as an entrepreneur hit on some fantastic idea, and step in the process of actively turning an idea or product into the business enterprise; it is not too tough to observe that everything around you and in the world for entrepreneurs revolves more or less with "money". Capital is an essential entity for the development or investment in a business. Entrepreneurs keep on constantly raise as well as spend money on making more money hence profit but in a planned manner.

What is Capital?

When entrepreneurs need wealth in the form of assets or money; they take it as a sign of the monetary potency of a venture, or building an enterprise. In entrepreneurship, capital can be defined as the entity that brings a positive impact on the region's economic output.

Types of Capital in Enterprise

The more the entrepreneurship capital is, the higher is the productivity and output. There are three forms of capital that a new venture needs for acquiring success. These are:

  1. Social Capital: This is defined as an actual as well as potential resource associated to a network of mutually valuable relationships or which is also said as "it is not what you know; it is more about who you know". Social capital is all about the personal as well as a professional network which comprises of family, team members, friends, employees, colleagues, corporate managers, journalists, investors, and high-level executives.
  2. Economic Capital: In this type of capital, the economic resource is scaled concerning finance that is ultimately used by entrepreneurs in doing business and which help in the production of goods and other products or helps in facilitating in the service provided by the business.
  3. Cultural capital: In this type of capital, attributes owned by individuals such as personality, intelligence, educational qualification as well as job experience comes undercounting. To create value by the attainment of human capital, particularly in building a management team is liable to be the primary challenge for startup founders and their investors for making a new venture a successful company.

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