Difference Between Object-oriented Programming Language and Object-based Programming Language?

Most of the readers are unaware of the fact that there is a minor difference between Object-oriented Language and Object-based language. All programming languages that are Object-based Languages are not supposed to have the qualities of Object-oriented Language.

Here are the significant difference between Object-oriented Programming Language and Object-based Programming Language:

Object-oriented Programming LanguageObject-based Programming Language
All the characteristics and features of object-oriented programming are supported.All characteristics and features of object-oriented programming, such as inheritance and polymorphism are not supported.
These type of programming languages don't have a built-in object. Example: C++.These type of programming languages have built-in objects. Example: JavaScript has a window object.
Java is an example of object-oriented programing language which supports creating and inheriting (which is reusing of code) one class from another.VB is another example of object-based language as you can create and use classes and objects but inheriting classes is not supported.

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