C++11 Tutorials 9 Lessons

History and Compatibility of C++ Standards

In this chapter, you will be given a brief introduction of how the history of Standard C++, (which comes after intermediate C++ level) came into existence and its compatibility with older version of C++.

    Range-based for loop in C++11

    C++11 bring in a new kind of for loop that iterates over all elements of a given range/set of arrays or collection.

      C++11 noexcept Keyword

      C++11 includes another concept based keyword noexcept. This keyword can be used for specifying that any function cannot throw — or is not ready to throw.

        C++11 New String Literals

        In this chapter, you will learn about the newly added string literals like raw string literals and encoded string literals.

          C++11 constexpr Keyword

          In this chapter, you will learn about the new keyword - constexpr that can enable programmers to enable any associated expressions to be evaluated at compile time.

            C++11 Arrays

            The class array<>, launched to this new C++ standard library is an outcome of a useful wrapper class for ordinary C style arrays which Bjarne Stroustrup introduced in older C++ standards.

              C++11 Lambdas

              Here in this tutorial, it is explained how to implement lambdas and demonstrate how to use lambdas for defining code that can run in parallel.

                C++ 11 Strings

                In this tutorial, you will learn about the advanced concepts of handling strings that are being introduced with the C++11 standard.

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