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Learn about this latest technology to access applications as utilities through the Internet.

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TensorFlow Introduction

TensorFlow is a well-known machine learning and deep learning framework developed by tech giant Google to implement the machine learning concept in the easiest way possible. This tutorial will give you a comprehensive understanding of TensorFlow, its benefits, and its functions.


HTML Figure Tag

The purpose of the HTML <figure> tag is to attach an image, infographic, diagram, etc., to an HTML document. This tutorial gives a brief description of the HTML <figure> tag.


HTML Block Elements

An HTML document consists of HTML block-level or inline elements. An HTML block-level element always starts on a new line, and spans left and right, As far as possible.


HTML Abbr Tag

The HTML <abbr> tag displays an abbreviation, and its optional title attribute defines an extension or explanation for the abbreviation. This tutorial explains how this HTML tag works.


CSS Select Last Child Element

This CSS code example shows how to select the last child element of a parent HTML element. Sometimes while coding, a situation arises where the last child of the parent element needs to be selected to apply a specific style.


HTML Blockquote Tag

The HTML <blockquote> tag displays long quotes; This tag quotes a portion of text taken from other sources. It alters the alignment to create the content text look different from the rest.