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CSS id Selector

CSS id selector is used to select the HTML element by using the ID attribute to apply a style to it. This id element is distinctive always inside the page, and hence it is preferred for selecting a distinct, unique HTML element.

    CSS Selectors

    Styling is an important concept that brings CSS on the top of web designing. Like other elements, selectors in CSS also help in selecting the styles in elements you want to put for designing your web pages. In this chapter, you will get to know about the concept of selectors in CSS.


      CSS Tutorial

      This CSS tutorial series describes various features of cascading style sheets to make web designing easier.

        Basic Syntax of CSS

        Every scripting or programming runs on a specific collection of rules. Likewise, CSS also has some particular set of rules that govern the way how users will have to implement the different concepts of CSS. In this chapter, you will […]

          Introduction to CSS

          CCSS is abbreviated as Cascading Style Sheets and is used for describing how HTML elements need to be displayed when they are represented in a web page format or other media. In this chapter, you will learn about the basics of what CSS is and how it can be helpful in styling markup documents.

            Limiting Query Result in MongoDB

            MongoDB allows you to specify the maximum number of documents to return using limit() method, and it is also possible to skip some documents from a MongoDB database by using skip() method. In this chapter, we will learn about both functions.

              Projection Queries in MongoDB

              Protection queries are a particular type of MongoDB queries where you can specify fields you want to get in the output. In this chapter, you will learn about MongoDB Projection Queries which can be used for an additional purpose.

                Query Operations in MongoDB

                A query in a database system is a command that is used for extracting data from a database and display it in a readable form. In this chapter, you will learn about the different ways of how queries can be made using MongoDB.

                  Custom Forms in Bootstrap 4

                  In Bootstrap 4, elements of forms can be customized, which are meant to change browser defaults. You can change the design of radio button, checkbox, slider, i.e., range, dropdown menu, file upload dialog box trigger, toggle button, etc.

                    Concept of Replication in MongoDB

                    In MongoDB, replication can be implemented for the processing where it is taken care of that same data is accessible on more than a single MongoDB server. Through this concept of MongoDB, the availability of data increases. In this chapter, you will learn about this concept.

                      Concept of Aggregation in MongoDB

                      In MongoDB, aggregation can be defined as the operation that is used for processing various types of data in the collection, which returns a calculated result. In this chapter, you will learn about the concept of aggregation that s supported by MongoDB.

                        Indexing in MongoDB

                        Indexing is a necessary operation in MongoDB which brings efficiency in various execution of statements. In this chapter, you will learn about the concept of indexing and how it can be implemented in the MongoDB database.

                          Sorting in MongoDB

                          Sorting is one of the necessary database operations. It helps to simplify readability and sort the data as per the requirement. In this chapter, you will learn about sorting concept and how it can be implemented in the MongoDB database.

                            Concept of Sharding in MongoDB

                            Sharding is an approach of distributing data across different machines. In other words, it can be said that the sharding concept is used for splitting large data sets into undersized data sets across several MongoDB instances. In this chapter, you will learn about this MongoDB feature name - sharding.

                              SQL Injection and Preventive Measures

                              SQL Injection which is abbreviated as SQLi is one of the popular databases attacking technique that poisons dynamic SQL statements which blurs out certain segments of the query assertion or append an additional condition which leads the logic to true.

                                Delete Documents in MongoDB

                                After creating an updating the document, a situation might occur where you want to delete any document or a set of documents. MongoDB also allows you to delete any particular document or multiple collections of documents. In this chapter, you will learn about how to delete documents from a MongoDB database.

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