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PHP Examples

Printing Strings in PHP

Learn how to print a string in PHP using echo, print, and printf() function. Discover the nuances of string concatenation, embedding PHP in HTML, and debugging with print_r.


JavaScript Clipboard API

Learn how to implement copy-paste functionalities in your web applications using the JavaScript Clipboard API, enhancing user interaction and data handling.


PHP 8.1 array_is_list()

Discover how to use the PHP 8 array_is_list() function to check if an array is a list. Learn the syntax, parameters, return value, and examples of this function.

CSS Examples

Centering Elements with CSS

Learn how to center HTML elements using CSS. This tutorial covers various simple techniques for centering elements in a webpage horizontally and vertically.


PHP 8.1 Final Class Constants

Discover how to effectively utilize Final Class Constants in PHP 8.1 for robust object-oriented programming. Learn to implement immutable class constants to ensure improved security and consistency in your PHP applications.


PHP 8.1 Intersection Types

Learn how to use Intersection Types in PHP 8.1 to enforce stricter type checking and enhance code flexibility. Discover practical examples and best practices


JSP - Database Connection

Learn how to connect a database in Java Server Pages (JSP). This tutorial guides you through the process with clear steps and code examples.


PHP Namespaces

Discover how PHP namespaces organize code, preventing naming conflicts and reusing code. Simplify your PHP projects with our step-by-step guide on implementing namespaces.


JavaScript Map and Set

This tutorial explains how to use JavaScript's Map and Set data structures. Learn how these powerful features from ES6 can improve the efficiency and readability of your code.


JSP - Redirect and Forward

Learn how to implement page redirection and forwarding in JSP. Understand the differences between these navigation methods and their syntax, and explore practical examples to enhance your web app's UX.


JSP - JSTL Core <c:forTokens> Tag

Learn how to use the JSTL Core <c:forTokens> tag in JSP to iterate over tokens in a string. This tutorial provides clear examples and explanations for efficient web development.


JSP - JSTL Core <c:foreach> Tag

Explore using the JSTL Core <c:foreach> tag in JSP for iterating over various data structures such as arrays, lists, and maps. This tutorial guides you through practical examples to implement this tag effectively in your JSP projects.


JavaScript Async/Await

Master asynchronous programming in JavaScript with this comprehensive tutorial on async/await. Learn to write clean, efficient, and easy-to-understand asynchronous code with practical examples.


JavaScript Rest Parameter

Enhance your coding efficiency and readability by learning to handle an indefinite number of function arguments effectively with JavaScript Rest Parameter, explained with examples.

JavaScript Examples

JavaScript Phone Number Validation

Learn how to effectively validate 10-digit phone numbers in web forms using JavaScript and HTML with our comprehensive tutorial on JavaScript Phone Number Validation. Discover the practical implementation of regular expressions to ensure accurate and reliable phone number validation.


JavaScript Spread Operator

Enhance your JavaScript skills with our tutorial on the Spread Operator. Learn how to merge arrays, copy data, and more through easy-to-follow examples.


JavaScript Template Literals

Discover how to manipulate strings in JavaScript with Template Literals. Learn their syntax, advanced features, and best practices for creating multi-line strings and embedding expressions to enhance your code's readability and flexibility.