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Remove Space From a String in Python

Spaces are also considered as a character inside a string, and sometimes unnecessary spaces in the string cause wrong results. Therefore, such blank spaces should be removed from the string before being used.

    Difference Between Checked and Unchecked Exceptions in Java

    In Java programming, for every occurrence of an exception, there generates an exception object, which holds all the details of the exception. Then the program searches for its respective exception handler. If found, the exception is handled or resolved or else the program execution stops.


      What is Deadlock in Java Threads?

      In Java, deadlock is a situation that arises in the multithreading concept. This situation may appear in cases where one of your thread is waiting for an object lock, which is acquired by another thread and the second thread waiting for object lock acquired by the first one.

        Bit Fields in C

        In C, you can state the size of your structure (struct) or union members in the form of bits. This concept is to because of efficiently utilizing the memory when you know that your amount of a field or collection of fields is not going to exceed a specific limit or is in-between the desired range.

          C Memory Management

          C language provides many functions that come in header files to deal with the allocation and management of memories. In this tutorial, you will find brief information about managing memory in your program using some functions and their respective header files.

            Web-based Database Management System

            The Web-based database management system is one of the essential parts of DBMS and is used to store web application data. Web-based Database management system is used to handle those databases that are having data regarding E-commerce, E-business, Blog, e-mail and other online applications.


              What is Web?

              The web is a hypermedia-based structure which provides a source of browsing information over the internet in a non-sequential format by the use of hyperlinks which redirects users to more resources and information.

                Data Recovery in DBMS

                Data Recovery is the method of restoring the database to its correct state in the event of a failure at the time of the transaction or after the end of a process.

                • What is Data Recovery?
                • What is the Need for Recovery of data?
                • Recovery Facilities.

                Transaction and Concurrency Control

                DBMS implements a concurrency control technique using a protocol which prevents database accesses from prying with one another.

                • What is Transaction in DBMS?
                • What is Concurrency Control in DBMS?


                Concept of Indentation in Python

                Indentation in Python refers to the (spaces and tabs) that are used at the beginning of a statement. The statements with the same indentation belong to the same group called a suite.


                  Concept of Variable in Python

                  The variable concept is different in Python compared to other programming languages, and it is explained in this tutorial. In Python, a variable is seen as a tag that is tied to some value.