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PHP 8.0 throw Expression

Learn to effectively utilize the throw expression in PHP 8.0 to increase code readability, flexibility, and error-handling capabilities in various programming contexts.


PHP 8.0 Nullsafe Operator

Learn how to use the PHP 8.0 nullsafe operator with this tutorial. Understand its syntax, apply its usage, and see practical examples to refine your PHP development.


PHP 8.0 Union Types

Upgrade your PHP development skills with Union Types in PHP 8.0. Declare multiple types for function arguments, properties, and return types to improve code efficiency and flexibility.


PHP 8.0 Match Expression

Learn how to use PHP's match expression: a modern feature that provides clarity and efficiency in handling conditions. Learn about its advantages over traditional structures.

Prompt Engineering

Introduction to Prompt Engineering

Explore the art of Prompt Engineering in this comprehensive tutorial. Learn how to craft effective prompts and understand their importance for AI models. Dive into steps for clarity, specificity, and avoiding bias to elicit meaningful results.


PHP 8.0 Named Arguments

Learn how to use the named arguments feature in PHP 8.0 with our comprehensive tutorial. Through this guide, you'll understand the benefits, basic usage, and advanced techniques to improve code readability and maintainability.


PHP 8.0 Attributes

Learn how to use Attributes in PHP 8.0 with this step-by-step tutorial. Inject structured metadata within classes, functions, and properties for better organization.


PHP 8.0 JIT (Just In Time) Compiler

Discover how PHP 8.0's JIT compiler can enhance performance and provide more flexibility for CPU-intensive tasks. This comprehensive guide will help you understand and implement JIT effectively.

C++ Programming Examples

Copy String in C++

Learn to copy strings in C++ effectively with our comprehensive tutorial. Understand the usage of C-style character arrays, the strcpy function, and assignment operators to perform C++ string copy operations efficiently.


HTML Canvas Tag

Learn how to use the HTML <canvas> tag, a powerful tool for creating graphics with JavaScript. Using this tag in your web browser, you can create animations, games, and image compositions. In this tutorial, we will study HTML canvas along with its implementation.