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preg_replace() Function in PHP

The preg_replace() function, a built-in function in PHP used to check strings using a regular expression to find and replace a string in content. In this tutorial, you will learn about the preg_replace() function of PHP.

    Blockchain - History

    Before understanding the various concepts of blockchain technology, it would be good to know the blockchain history. This will help you understand the blockchain better. This amazing technique was started in the year 1991 by two research scientists W. Scott […]


      Blockchain - Introduction

      Blockchain is a constantly growing ledger technology where records and data are stored permanently for all of the linked transactions having taken place in a secure, sequential, and irreversible manner. Secure transferring of digital money, possessions, contracts, etc. with no […]

        Laravel - Sending Emails

        Another important feature of Laravel is providing clean and simple API use, which is free and rich in library features - "SwiftMailer," which is used for sending emails. With the help of its library functions, Laravel developers find it easy […]

          JSP - Expressions

          Expression tags are one of the most useful scripting elements of JSP. Expression tags use special tags to print the different java expressions and output directly on the client-side. You can also use this for displaying information on your client […]

            JSP - Session

            In any normal website, the user performs multiple interactions on different pages of the site. It is beneficial for the site to customize the data according to each user. This allows the user to maintain a personal space for their […]

              JSP - Exceptions

              When you write code in JSP, you can make some errors while writing lines of code. These errors can be classified into different types. But some errors occur when the code is not logically accurate or an internal error from […]

                JSP - Response

                As you know, in dynamic web application development, client and server interactions are necessary to send and receive information over the Internet. When the browser requests a webpage, a lot of information is sent to the webserver, and the webserver […]

                  JSP - Request

                  In dynamic web application development, client and server interactions are essential for sending and receiving information over the Internet. When the browser requests a webpage, a lot of information is sent to the webserver. Such information cannot be read directly […]

                    JSP - Implicit Objects

                    There is another concept of JSP, which are Java objects made available by the developers for each page, allowing developers to call them directly without any explicit declaration. JSP implicit objects are essential components used in this regard. In this […]

                      JSP - Actions

                      It is necessary to control the servlet engine's behavior, which can be controlled dynamically by inserting the file by reusing the JavaBeans components or redirecting or forwarding the user to another page., i.e., by forwarding the request to another resource, […]

                        JSP - Directives

                        Directives supply directions and messages to a JSP container. The directives provide global information about the entire page of JSP. Hence, they are an essential part of the JSP code. These special instructions are used for translating JSP to servlet […]

                          JSP - Scripting Elements

                          Java provides various scripting elements that allow you to insert Java code from your JSP code into the servlet. Scripting elements have different components that are allowed by JSP. Understanding each of these components is essential to writing code in […]

                            JSP - Life Cycle

                            A JSP page life cycle is defined as a process from its translation phase to the destruction phase. This lesson describes the various stages of a JSP page life cycle.


                              JSP - Architecture

                              The JSP architecture is a 3-tier architecture where each part has its own roles and functionalities. This chapter describes the JSP architecture and how the webserver processes JSP pages.

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