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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the latest generation technology with a high IT infrastructure that provides us a means by which we can use and utilize the applications as utilities via internet

    jQuery Tutorial

    This Introductory chapter helps beginner programmer to get started with jQuery.

      R Tutorial

      This lesson helps beginner to get started in R Programming Language .

        DBMS Introduction

        A database management system (DBMS) refers to the technology for creating and managing databases. basically, DBMS is a software tool to organize (create, retrieve, update and manage) data in a database.

        • Why Use DBMS?
        • Where is Database Management System (DBMS) being Used?

        XML Tutorial

        This Introductory chapter helps the beginner to get started in XML.

          SQL Tutorial

          This Java tutorial series will help you to get started learning SQL from basics.


            PHP Media Gallery

            PHP Media Gallery is open-source free PHP script to upload and display photographs and YouTube videos easily in one place. It can be used as the photo gallery, video gallery or both.


              PHP array sort by multiple keys

              Many moments have come where I had a PHP array from a database, and I had to sort it based on some array key. This function is used to sort the array based on some columns.


                JSON Tutorial

                This Introductory chapter helps the beginner to get started in JSON.


                  HTML Tutorial

                  This HTML tutorial series describes the various features of the HTML language to make web development easier.