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Laravel - Sending Emails

Another important feature of Laravel is providing clean and simple API use, which is free and rich in library features - "SwiftMailer," which is used for sending emails. With the...


JSP - Standard Tag Library (JSTL)

JSTL, abbreviated as Java Server Pages Standard Tag Library, can be defined as a group of different custom JSP tag libraries used to provide common web development functionality to JSP developers.


JSP - Expressions

Expression tags are one of the most useful scripting elements of JSP. Expression tags use special tags to print the different java expressions and output directly on the client-side. You...


JSP - Session

In any normal website, the user performs multiple interactions on different pages of the site. It is beneficial for the site to customize the data according to each user. This...


JSP - Exceptions

When you write code in JSP, you can make some errors while writing lines of code. These errors can be classified into different types. But some errors occur when the...


JSP - Response

As you know, in dynamic web application development, client and server interactions are necessary to send and receive information over the Internet. When the browser requests a webpage, a lot...


JSP - Request

In dynamic web application development, client and server interactions are essential for sending and receiving information over the Internet. When the browser requests a webpage, a lot of information is...


JSP - Implicit Objects

There is another concept of JSP, which are Java objects made available by the developers for each page, allowing developers to call them directly without any explicit declaration. JSP implicit...


JSP - Actions

It is necessary to control the servlet engine's behavior, which can be controlled dynamically by inserting the file by reusing the JavaBeans components or redirecting or forwarding the user to...


JSP - Directives

Directives supply directions and messages to a JSP container. The directives provide global information about the entire page of JSP. Hence, they are an essential part of the JSP code...


JSP - Scripting Elements

Java provides various scripting elements that allow you to insert Java code from your JSP code into the servlet. Scripting elements have different components that are allowed by JSP. Understanding...


JSP - Life Cycle

A JSP page life cycle is defined as a process from its translation phase to the destruction phase. This lesson describes the various stages of a JSP page life cycle.


JSP - Architecture

The JSP architecture is a 3-tier architecture where each part has its own roles and functionalities. This chapter describes the JSP architecture and how the webserver processes JSP pages.


Updating WordPress

Updating WordPress like any other tool and application is essential to stay on the safe side. The upgrade process can affect all files and folders included in the main WordPress installation directory. In this chapter, you will learn how to update the WordPress version and why you need to do so?


eval() in PHP

eval() is a language construct in PHP, which is used to evaluate a given string as PHP code and then execute it. In this tutorial, you will learn about the usage and benefits of PHP eval().


Environment Variables in PHP

PHP environment variable allows developers to dynamically gather specific types of data from existing servers. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use PHP environment variables and what are their features.