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JSP - JSTL Core Tag

c:import is similar to JSP 'include', which has an additional feature of using absolute URL to include the content of any resource within the server or from a different server to the current JSP page.


JSP - JSTL Core Tag

c:out is a tag used to display the result of an expression in the web browser, which works similarly to the way JSP's expression tag works. The only difference is that this tag helps avoid HTML characters so that you can avoid cross-site scripting.


JSP - JSTL Core Tags

The most commonly used tags in the JSTL tag list are core tags. In this lesson and further chapters, you will learn about the core tags of JSTL and their implementation techniques.


gettype() Function in PHP

The gettype() function is an inbuilt library function in PHP used to obtain the data type of an existing variable. It helps the programmer to find the type of data associated with a particular variable that is needed in the program itself.


ksort() Function in PHP

PHP's ksort() function is a predefined array sorting function that helps sort an associative array in ascending order based on the keys of the array. While coding, this can be useful in some scenarios, so you should know about it.


HTML Web Forms

A Web Forms is a part of an HTML document containing HTML form elements such as input, select, checkboxes, radio, buttons, etc. This lesson guides you on creating web forms and their various useful components.


Angular - Introduction

Angular (formerly called Angular JS) is a typescript-based web application framework that supports full-stack development for building all types of web applications. It helps in creating reactive single page application (SPA) and is completely based on the concept of components.


Blockchain - Architecture and Hashing

As discussed earlier in the Blockchain Introduction chapter, the Blockchain architecture consists of a series of blocks containing information. The data associated with each block within the chain of this...


WordPress Optimization

Optimization of a website is an essential activity that every developer should undertake. If you have a high-traffic website or a simple blog on low-cost shared hosting, in every case, it is recommended to optimize your site. WordPress has various means to optimize its site.

PHP 8.0

PHP 8.0 - Introduction

PHP 8.0.0 is a major update of the PHP language released on November 26, 2020. It has come with many new features and performance improvements.


sleep() Function in PHP

sleep() function is one of the important built-in functions provided by PHP version 4.0 or above to delay any script's execution process for a certain time interval. In this tutorial, you will learn about the sleep() function that helps delay any PHP script execution.


URL Encoding and Decoding with PHP

Encoding and decoding URL strings are used to convert general URL strings and characters into an arrangement that can be conveyed over the internet. In this tutorial, you will learn about two ways in which URL string can be encoded and decoded in PHP.


preg_replace() Function in PHP

The preg_replace() function, a built-in function in PHP used to check strings using a regular expression to find and replace a string in content. In this tutorial, you will learn about the preg_replace() function of PHP.


Blockchain - Introduction

Blockchain is a constantly growing ledger technology where records and data are stored permanently for all of the linked transactions having taken place in a secure, sequential, and irreversible manner...