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HTML Footer Tag

The HTML <footer> tag defines a footer section of an HTML document. Typically, this tag includes content, such as author information, copyright information, important page links, etc.


HTML Aside Tag

The HTML <aside> tag provides information about the source content. It is used to describe the primary object of the web page more concisely. In this tutorial, you will learn how HTML <aside> tag works.


HTML Article Tag

The HTML <article> tag describes the primary content in a web page. Generally, this tag includes content, such as blog posts, article posts, news, stories, etc.

C Programming Examples

C Program to Shutdown System (Windows and Linux)

In this C programming example, a simple C program is displayed that shuts down a PC by calling internal OS features. This type of functionality can be helpful where sometimes you have to shut down or restart the PC due to some requirement, like after updating the system driver.


HTML Document Type Declaration

HTML Doctype Declaration is a directive that tells the web browser about the HTML version and standard in which the current page is written; this helps different web browsers parse the web page correctly. This tutorial presents descriptive info about HTML Doctype.

Web Development

Backend Web Development Tools

There are various tools for web app development. But the entire data processing and storage is done serverside by the backend tools. Web development professionals worldwide use these tools for data storage and manipulation in their projects. Let us now know about some of these essential tools.

Computer Fundamentals

What Is Bluetooth?

In simple terms, Bluetooth means a wireless technology invented by dutch engineer Jaap Haartsen in 1994. This technology allowed us to use electronic devices with complete freedom, which was impossible to use unhandy cables connecting to our devices.

Computer Fundamentals

Components of Computer

The Computer Components are the necessary hardware units required to build a complete computing machine. Every computer must have these essential components to build a fully functional computing machine. This article explains the basic components of a computer in detail.

Computer Fundamentals

Types of Computer Software

A Computer Software is a set of data, programs, directives, and attestation that perform various predetermined tasks on a computer system. This article explains in detail what computer software is and its types.


HTML5 Syntax

HTML 5 is the latest version of HTML that comes with syntax compatible with HTML 4 and XHTML. HTML 5 has many flexible features, but it does not follow syntax rules similar to XHTML. Using syntax in HTML 5 is easy, and in this tutorial, we will learn about various HTML 5 syntaxes.