HTML Tutorial

This HTML tutorial series describes the various features of the HTML language to make web development easier.

  • HTML is used to create the basic structure of web page design.
  • There is no connection between HTML and programming language.

Required Knowledge

Things to Know and have before started learning HTML:

  • Use of any Text editor such as notepad, notepad++, vi editor, Sub-lime text-Editor, etc.
  • Creating directories and files on your PC.
  • Navigation of files and paths in your drive for any file.
  • About the different formats of images and multimedia files and their extensions
  • Saving contents to files in drives.

Online Practice Tests

Free online practice tests; challenge your knowledge of HTML and help you improve your web designing skills.
HTML Practice Tests ❯

HTML Example

Here is an example of a simple HTML document:

<!DOCTYPE html>

    <h2>This is page heading.</h2>
    <p>This is my first <strong>paragraph text</strong>.</p>


The above example has been used to print page heading and paragraph text on the browser. Click the "Live Demo" button to see how it works.

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