Laravel - History

Laravel was developed and created by Taylor Otwell as an attempt to give an excellent substitute for the older PHP framework named CodeIgniter. And this was because CodeIgniter did not offer such great features as support for built-in customer authentication and proper user authorization. In June 2011 Laravel released its first beta version, and later in the same month, Laravel 1 got released. Other than authentication, Laravel also has built-in support for localization, views, dealing with sessions, routing the request to the specific controller, and other amazing features.

Laravel Version Release History

VersionReleased on
Laravel 1June 9, 2011
Laravel 2November 24, 2011
Laravel 3February 22, 2012
Laravel 4May 28, 2013
Laravel 5February 2015
Laravel 5.1June 2015
Laravel 5.2December 2015
Laravel 5.3August 23, 2016
Laravel 5.4January 24, 2017
Laravel 6September 3, 2019
Laravel 7March 3, 2020
Laravel 8September 8, 2020

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