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Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is all about reducing threats when people are in the process of dealing with technology. It encompasses the full range of protection against any online risk or vulnerability, which comprises information security assurance and cyber law enforcement.

    History of Hacking and Security Professionals

    Twenty-five years ago, cybersecurity was not a conventional word in the vocabulary of IT. But it is now. In this chapter, you will get to know about the history of cybersecurity and how it came into existence.

      Elements of Security

      In general, in the form of computer security, we can understand that it is all about detecting and preventing external agents who somehow want to harm our system or information residing within that system. There are specific elements that are […]

        Terminologies for Securing a System

        Before getting into the very in-depth of every concept, it is recommended to clear the concepts and terminologies related to cybersecurity and cybercrime. Each of the terms has individual meaning and is used in different scenarios in this security field.

          Social Engineering and its Security

          The majority of the successful breaches and sensitive data-stealing involves the social engineering attack, which is commonly known as people hacking. So, if you ask any IT Security person about physical security, he or she will probably start talking about […]

            Physical Security

            Physical Penetration testing is the new branch of cybersecurity where the physical security is measured, and its existing strength in an organization, firm, or lab is measured. Weaknesses are uncovered before cybercriminals do these exploitations.

              OSI Security Layers and Their Significance

              With the development of technology comes the high profile hacking techniques. For this reason, security professionals are in massive demand. But for this, security professionals and analysts have to understand the fundamentals of how network layers work and the key […]

                Ports and Its Security

                Ports are another important asset through which security can be breached. In this chapter, you will learn about the different measures you need to take to protect your system through ports.

                • Understanding Logical Ports.
                • Security of Logical Ports.
                • Risky Ports and Their Attacks.

                Network Protocols and Its Security

                Network security is one of the essential cybersecurity branches, and protocols play a vital role in securing the network. In this chapter, you will learn about the most prominent network security protocols and their uses.


                  Firewalls are both software programs and hardware components that preserve our security and maintain safety from unauthorized access to or from the external network. They act as a vital part of a comprehensive security framework for any network.

                    IDS and IPS for Security

                    What Are Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention? It is the process of examining and monitoring the events coming and going through your network and analyzing and detecting all the potential violations of policies and incidents threats of your network. Intrusion […]

                      Data Privacy Tools and Techniques

                      Maintaining the privacy of some of our real-world stuff is essential. Similarly, each and everyone's personal data on the web also needs some privacy. In this chapter, as a security professional, you must have a fair idea of how different tools, concepts, and technologies are used to preserve privacy.

                        Malware and Virus Protection

                        In this chapter, you will get to know about malware and computer viruses and different measures to maintain security and safety.

                        • What Is Malware?
                        • Types of Malware.
                        • What Is a Virus?
                        • How to Keep the Systems Safe From Malware and Viruses.

                        Data Backup

                        In this chapter, you will learn about the different backup approaches.

                        • Full Backup.
                        • Incremental Backup.
                        • Differential Backup.
                        • Mirror Backup

                        SQL Injection and Preventive Measures

                        SQL Injection, which is abbreviated as SQLi, is one of the popular databases attacking technique that poisons dynamic SQL statements that blur out certain segments of the query assertion or append an additional condition leads the logic to true.

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