What Are Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention?

It is the process of examining and monitoring the events coming and going through your network and analyzing and detecting all the potential violations of policies and incidents threats of your network. Intrusion prevention is the next level technique that detects the threats and intrusions and uses appropriate measures to prevent them. These security mechanisms are found in systems that provide the capability of IDS and IPS.

The IDS and IPS

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS): are those systems that explore and watch all traffic of the network, looking for symptoms that indicate any cyber threat to the network for infiltrating or stealing data from the network. Such systems are used to compare the existing network packet movement concerning the identified threat database for detecting numerous types of behaviors such as security policy infringement, malware threats, and port scanners.

Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS): fights for the same cause within the firewall set up for any network that detects and prevents users from threats involving the external world and the internal network. Intrusion Prevention Systems proactively rejects those traffics which do not meet the security profile and policies, or the data packets are malicious by nature.

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