SQL Tutorials 9 Lessons

SQL Tutorial

This Java tutorial series will help you to get started learning SQL from basics.

    SQL Introduction

    SQL (Structured Query Language) is a standard database programming language used for accessing and manipulating data in a database.


      A database is a systematically organized storage of information, and its allows easy insertion, updating, analysis, and retrieval of data.

        Database Concepts

        A database intends to have a collection of data stored together to serve multiple applications as possible. Hence a database is often conceived of as a repository of information needed for running certain functions in a corporation or organization. Such […]

          SQL Syntax

          SQL Syntax are unique sets of rules and guidelines.

            SQL Data Types

            Data types in SQL defines a sort of value that a column can contain. In a database table, each column is required to have a data type with a name.

              SQL Commands

              The SQL command object is used to perform specify what type of interaction with database.

                SQL CREATE TABLE

                The SQL CREATE TABLE Statement is used to create a new table in database.