Cyber Security

The trending world is full of modern technologies and gadgets. But their security is a primary concern because; cybercrime is a global problem which is dominating over every other technology and science. Cybercrime usually poses threats to organizations, individuals, and other institutions without providing any physical existence to the target system or organization. That is where comes the concept of security and securing the systems from such cybercriminals.

Required Knowledge

Before digging every chapter for knowledge, it is recommended to have some understanding of programming, networking, Operating Systems (OS), hardware, and software.

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is all about reducing threats when people are in a process to deal with technology where it encompasses the full range of protection against any online risk or vulnerability which comprises of information security assurance and cyber law enforcement as well. In other words, cybersecurity is the protection of cyber-space (which includes hardware, software, networks, and their servers, peripheral devices, data and information and all other components associated with technology) and internet connected systems from both internal as well as external threats and cybercriminals. It also comprises of sub-branches that are specific to different security measures. These are:

  • Network Security.
  • System Security.
  • Application Security.
  • Information Security.
  • Web Security.
  • Mobile Security.

Why There Is Such a Demand for Cyber Security?

Almost everyone from this generation is living in a world of technology where internet is connected to nearly every device around us. For cybercriminals and hackers, this is the golden age to tweak with technical stuff easily, but the general users are not aware of the fact that lack of security and improper use of technology can drag users and employees to doom. That is why specialized security analysts and penetration testers are hired to secure the entire system.

Gradually, this subject has evolved to be a new domain of learning and securing different technology such as programming, web, network, servers, applications, cloud, and many more areas.

Why Are Security Analysts in Demand?

Cyber attacks have become a global concern as every nation is aware of the fact that cyber attacks can be stopped by the security analysts who will act as cyber armies and are trained enough to know every technical aspect of hacking and security. In this entire course, we will cover a wide range of topics right from securing systems to securing networks and personal devices and what protocols and ports need to be taken care off to secure them will be discussed in the coming chapters.

Types of Cyberattacks

For securing any organization, system, application, network, or device, the first thing you need to know is what the different ways through which cyber attacks are possible are? Here is the list of potential cyber attacks:

  • Phishing.
  • Man in the Middle.
  • Password attack.
  • DoS and DDoS.
  • Malware and Virus-based attacks.
  • Drive-by download.
  • Malvertising.
  • Stealing digital privacy etc.

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