Data Abstraction and Data Encapsulation both of these features are considered as the pillars of object-oriented programming language, but they have different functionality and implementation mechanism.

Let us know how these two OOPs features are different from one another.

Data Abstraction Data Encapsulation
Data Abstraction can be described as the technique of hiding internal details of a program and exposing the functionality only. Data Encapsulation can be described as the technique of binding up of data along with its correlate methods as a single unit.
Implementation hiding is done using this technique. Information hiding is done using this technique.
Data abstraction can be performed using Interface and an abstract class. Data encapsulation can be performed using the different access modifiers like protected, private, and packages.
Abstraction lets somebody see the What part of program purpose. Encapsulation conceals or covers the How part of the program's purpose.

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