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Security in REST Architecture

It is too essential to preserve the security of a RESTful service like the way a website needs to be kept secure. In this tutorial, we will go through different paths and design principles to secure Restful Web Services.

    Richardson Maturity Model and REST Technologies

    Richardson maturity model is a popular model used to rank your API based on the checks correlated to REST. The more your API fulfills the checks and constraints the more RESTful your API is for development and deployment. This special model has four stages which are called levels and the levels range from 0 to 3.

      Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

      SDLC is a popular practice that is followed by different organizations for designing and developing high-quality software applications.  It acts as a framework that holds some specific tasks to be achieved at every phase during the software development progression. This article will give you deep insight into the need for software development in various stages of SDLC.

        Templates in C++

        Template is another essential feature added recently to C++. This new concept allows programmers to define generic classes and functions and thus provide support for generic programming. Generic programming is an approach of C++ programming where generic types are used […]

          REST APIs HATEOAS Concept

          What is HATEOAS? The term HATEOAS is abbreviated as "Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State" is an attribute of REST limiting its application construction so that your way of designing RESTful architecture seems unique from all other architecture of […]

            REST Methods

            As discussed so far in the earlier chapter that RESTful web service makes use of HTTP for determining the action to be conceded out on the particular resources. For comprehending the REST structural design, it is exceedingly vital that to […]

              REST Resources

              The initial concept of the RESTful API is its resource and their functionality. It acts as an object of OOP (Object Oriented Programming) language or a database entity. As the resources are recognized, they're determined using a standard format so […]

                Types of Web Services

                Web services have become an important element of development for web developers. These types of applications are standard ways of interconnecting and operating contrasting web applications. They help other applications to run smoothly just by plugging its utilities on to […]

                  The Art of Evangelizing

                  Evangelism is a term that has been originated from the Greek which means "bringing the good news", so is the work of an evangelist in business. Evangelist's job is to state publicly the excellent news and the right side of […]

                    Building Social Connections

                    You all are living in a very fortunate period because social media and social networking help us stay connected both socially as well as professionally. Also, social media helps in doing new marketing. Entrepreneurs have to sense the utilization of […]

                      Business Plan

                      A business plan can be termed as the road map every entrepreneur must have which will provide you as an entrepreneur the direction; which helps in making plans for the future of business as well as helps in avoiding bumps […]

                        Business Capital

                        Know how to use the capital, and a strong business plan can help an enterprise grow. Entrepreneurs need to understand what capital is and how it can be best utilized. When you as an entrepreneur hit on some fantastic idea, […]

                          International Business and Cultural Risk

                          International business (IB) is a stream for commerce that includes all trade activities which can take place for promoting the transportation of goods, resources, services, workforce, technologies, and ideas crossing the countrywide boundaries. IB also includes business-related transactions that can […]

                            Growth Strategies

                            If your company is a startup or mid-sized company, you as an entrepreneur will always look for growing the business as well as elevate the profit percentage and sales for the product. So, each company has to follow some specific […]

                              Adoption Vs Scaling

                              Every business has some specific path and life-cycle. This helps in keeping a balance between the market and your idea. In this chapter, you will learn about the primary life-cycle of business which is essential for entrepreneurs to sustain in […]

                                Team Building - The Employers

                                Success doesn't come so easily; neither for normal people nor for entrepreneurs. There are a lot of phases one has to cross in order to make a business successful or raise an enterprise to a better position. Team building or hiring the right employees is one of the most important factors for starting a successful startup or enterprise.

                                  Team Building - The Board Members

                                  Building a team who will help you govern and stay with your decisions and guide you on this journey is another very prime role for entrepreneurs. It is one of the most delightful stages of building a company because if […]

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