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Writing Consistency and Formatting

One of the vital thing that technical writing must need is the consistency of writing the language and use appropriate language entities so that the meaning remains intact and the standard of the documentation is preserved.

    Types of Technical Writing

    Technical Writing is a vast domain of writing where various subdomains reside in different parts of the organization. Based on the type of organization, the specialized writing type and genre keep on changing, and so the professional writers and their content.

      Java Method Overloading

      If a class of a Java program has a plural number of methods, and all of them have the same name but different parameters (with a change in type or number of arguments), and programmers can use them to perform a similar form of functions, then it is known as method overloading.

        Buffer Overflow

        Buffer Overflow is basically a situation where an application or program tries to write data outside the memory buffer or beyond the buffer size and is not determined to store those data. This leads to buffer overrun or buffer overflow, which ultimately crashes a system or temporarily holds it for sometimes.

          Basic Tools for Technical Writers

          Other than skills and processing phases, documentation experts and technical writers need to be very much friendly with some tools that will drive their career and increase their positions within an organization or even if they are working as a […]


            Documentation Development Life Cycle (DDLC)

            There is another perspective of viewing the entire documentation process. This process is similar to that of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). If you have studied software engineering or how the software development process takes place, you can relate […]

              Process of Technical Writing

              As a technical writer, you might get a surprising reading that the process of technical writing uses to take a considerable amount of time to plan and review the entire documentation than to write. It follows a specific set of […]

                Areas of Technical Writing

                As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the requirement of technical writers and their diverse skill is anticipated to reach a new height of 10 percent from 2014 to 2024. With the increase of production or development of […]

                  Introduction to Technical Writing

                  Technical Writing can be defined as the practice of articulating any product or service in the form of the document where processes are defined, such as software manuals or instructional materials. In this chapter, you will know about the technical writers and their writing and types.

                    Cyber Forensics and Incident Handling

                    Forensics is an essential part of cybersecurity. Any cyber incident must be solved through a cyber forensics team who can find out the exact issue and how the mishap takes place. In this chapter, you will learn about the needs and objectives of cyber forensics and how to approach a crime or incident, and some incident handling categories.

                      Patch Management

                      Patch management is the practice and process for ensuring that appropriate patches are installed on the system, as well as upgrades for technologies and software are appropriately done. These management techniques can help a venture or an organization handle security changes efficiently.

                        Bootstrap 4 - Forms

                        HTML allows users to create forms with the use of Bootstrap and Bootstrap classes; forms can be created with ease. Bootstrap makes use of extended classes in conjunction with HTML markup for making different elements of forms responsive and stylish. In this chapter, you will learn about the different classes and uses of Bootstrap within forms.

                          Bootstrap 4 - Buttons

                          Bootstrap provides some excellent customization features such as type or style, size, rules, etc. You will learn all of these different customization classes and features of Buttons in this chapter.

                            Bootstrap 4 - Tables

                            Tables can inherit the bootstrap features, which makes a clean table layout on your web page. In this chapter, you will learn about the different concepts of Bootstrap for the table element.

                              Bootstrap 4 - Typography

                              Typography is another concept within Bootstrap that helps in giving styles and formats to text contents. In this chapter, you will learn about the use of typography within Bootstrap.

                                Bootstrap 4 - Grid Layout

                                Bootstrap4 grid is a 2-D structure of intersecting lines, which can be both vertical and horizontal, which is used to structure the content. The grid system in Bootstrap is built with a flexbox broken down into twelve column-like segments across the page.

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