The modern software development cycle contains an iterative process to complete a project. Within this life cycle, various versions of the same build are being made for repeated checking and delivering the updated product to the market or client. So, in that case, someone or a team must keep managing track of these files based on the date of build, time, and contents written within. It is a hectic task to manage everything by a human. To automate these kinds of tasks, there came up in the market certain categories of software that reduces human effort and manages the changes made in code or project over time.

What is Version Control?

Version Control is a particular software category for managing code or project modification. These track of the change in projects are stored in special kinds of databases, facilitating developers and collaborators to turn back if any mistake is made. And the smart thing about this system is you do not have to keep repeatedly any backup of your project. Moreover, these changes to mistakes do not affect the other team members who collaborate with this project.

More about Version Control

For a developer team, their project files and source code is the treasure, which at any code need not be affected. Hence, this precious asset must be protected. Version control does that for you; along with that, it protects your code and other project files from getting degraded by casual human error or catastrophe change by an unintended consequence.

If you have done proper software development or have seen an appropriate software project structure, you will notice that these project files are arranged in a sequence and tidy fashion. For example, all source codes are in one folder, and images and snapshots are in another folder, which is again containing a subdirectory of separate images and snapshots. All media files of that project are stored in another folder. This structure is called the "file tree". And in most cases, when multiple developers work on the same project, the project work is divided into different members. Some get involved in fixing vulnerabilities and bugs in an application, while others keep on continuing the project's development part. Each developer does changes in various parts of that same project. There comes the role of version control, which helps the team solve this kind of issue where it keeps track of every change made by every individual along with date and time and prevents concurrent or repeated work of developers.

Therefore, version control software plays a major role in the day-to-day software development cycle and streamlines modern developers' professional lives.

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