There are many tags in HTML which have different uses. The important thing is that developers must choose the right HTML tags per their requirements. This tutorial will teach you about HTML <code> tag.

What is HTML <code> Tag?

The <code> tag in HTML represents a block of computer code. It is typically used to display programming code and can be used to display different programming codes, such as HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. The <code> tag is usually displayed in a monospaced font, making it easy to distinguish between different content.

Developers can use the HTML <code> tag to describe a portion of computer code. Sometimes, there is a need to display computer programming code. Developers can accomplish this with required HTML tags, but HTML provides a separate tag called the <code>  tag. The <code> HTML tag represents tags of its content by styling it so that the text is a concise piece of source computer code.

Here is an example of how code tags can be used on an HTML page:


<p>To create a hyperlink, you can use the following HTML code:</p>
&lt;a href="//"&gt;Link Text&lt;/a&gt;

In the above example, the code tag encloses the HTML code to create a hyperlink. The code will be displayed in a monospace font to differentiate it from the surrounding text.

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