Computer Fundamentals Tutorial Library

4 Lessons

Components of Computer

The components of a computer are the necessary hardware units required to build a complete computing machine. Every computer must have these essential components to build a fully functional computing machine. This article explains the basic components of a computer in detail.

    Types of Computer Software

    A Computer Software is a set of data, programs, directives, and attestation that perform various predetermined tasks on a computer system. In this article, we will know in detail about what software is and its types.

      Types of Computer Virus

      In this era of technology, the power of computer systems is being harnessed almost all the time. And along with the use of the technology, users are also facing several kinds of breaches that disrupt the regular flow of the […]

        What Is Bluetooth?

        We all exist in the generation where the use of wireless devices is widespread. Everything is going wireless, like the internet, phones, etc. This type of technology provides better adaptability with higher speeds and has more capabilities. Here in this […]

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