We all exist in the generation where wireless devices are widespread. Everything is going wireless, like the internet, phones, etc. This technology provides better adaptability with higher speeds and has more capabilities. Here in this chapter, we will see how this connectivity works along with its use.

What Do We Mean by the Term Bluetooth Technology?

In simple terms, Bluetooth is a wireless technology invented by dutch engineer Jaap Haartsen in 1994. This technology allowed us to use electronic devices with complete freedom, which was impossible to use unhandy cables connecting to our devices.

By 1994, Bluetooth technology had developed with the help of Ericsson Mobile Communications. Its main objective was to find an alternative to cable-based communication between mobile phones and other devices. The 1.2 standard was its first version. Later, more versions of Bluetooth were released, such as 2.0+EDR, with a data rate of 3 Mbps, 3.0+HS, with a speed of 24 Mbps, and its latest version, 4.0.

How Does Bluetooth Work?

Bluetooth is a wireless transmitting technology that needs to be paired with another external device, resulting in both devices relying on each other. Mr. Jaap Haartsen thus formulated it on the simple principle of transferring and receiving data using radio waves.

  • Every Bluetooth connecting device has a built-in chip inside, called a Bluetooth adapter. Users use this adapter to accept and transfer the data from one device to the other. This Bluetooth adapter has a particular range of connections. If a Bluetooth-enabled device comes within this range, the network connection between the devices can become possible.
  • When the connection is all set, linkage and pairing are completed, called Bluetooth pairing. The radio waves tie-in allows us to send and receive the data between the connected Bluetooth devices.
  • When we set the devices for connection, both the devices search for the same frequency ranges, allowing them to transfer and receive the data. When both the devices identify the same frequency range, the user receives a piece of information regarding the pairing named "Found." But this linkage does not limit the pairing of other devices as they apply separate frequency channels having no chance of overlapping.
  • This beneficial working of Bluetooth renders more than two devices to partake any data or information concurrently. These network connections take the form of a mini-computer called Piconet.
  • The process involves any one of the devices acting as the leading device that masters and activates the order to come into action. The other device operates as the slave device, following the activities and actions of the master device.

Uses of Bluetooth

Here are some regular applications of Bluetooth:

  • The most common use of Bluetooth is transferring any file and other data without wired communication. Users can also receive any file in return if needed. It turns into a good idea when anyone wants to send big-sized files to the receiver when the Wi-Fi signal is dead.
  • Bluetooth makes the wireless speakers or headphones connected to our mobile phones to listen to music without worrying about wires or cords getting tangled.
  •  Bluetooth can connect to the car's dashboard, enabling any device to accept calls, hear music, or get directions from GPS. This technique is quite helpful for those users who are busy driving on the roads and can't handle their phones.

Different Types of Bluetooth Devices

According to the different types of applications, we can classify Bluetooth technology into the following types:

  • Bluetooth Headsets: This headset provides connections to our mobile phones or smartphones without applying any hands or wires. This technology enables us to receive or make a call via Bluetooth. Developers developed these are a kind of headsets with a voice reorganization mechanism; capable of dialing & talking without using the mobile headset.
  • Stereo Headset: It is a similar traditional headset wirelessly. We use these headsets to connect to music players and hear music from our mobile phones or smartphone, using wireless communication.
  • In-Car Bluetooth Headset: Users use these headsets to enjoy music in their cars. It is connected to the mobile system using wireless communication. Also, we can make or receive calls via this car speaker system.
  • Bluetooth Equipped Printer: The Bluetooth Equipped Printer prints documents and pictures without wired communication. The printers are synchronized within a definite range to connect to the printers.
  • Enables Webcam: This webcam links the camera without wired communication, staying docked into the computer.
  • Bluetooth GPS Device: The Global Positioning System device communicates using voice recognition. We can communicate by speaking or mentioning the address in the GPS to get the paths to the address.
  • Keyboards via Bluetooth: A keyboard connected wirelessly to the laptop or computer system. We can also apply this with a smartphone.

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