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In this tutorial, you will explore a basic C program designed to print "Hello World" as output on the screen. The primary goal is to introduce beginners to how the printf() function operates within C programming. The printf() function is a standard output function that allows you to display text on the screen.

Overview of the printf() Function

The printf() function is a standard output function in C that allows you to display text on the screen. It is part of the Standard Input Output library, essential for performing input and output operations in C programming. By learning how to use printf(), you'll gain a foundational skill crucial for all future C programming endeavors.

Implementing "Hello World" in C

The following is a simple C program that demonstrates using the printf() function to output the phrase "Hello World" to the console.

Example Program:

// C program to print "Hello World" on the screen as output.
#include <stdio.h>

void main() {
  // Use printf() to print the string "Hello World" to the console
  printf("Hello World");

Program Output:

After compiling and running the program mentioned above, the following output will be displayed on your screen:

Hello World

Key Concepts Explained

  • #include <stdio.h>: This directive includes the Standard Input Output library in your program. It is crucial because it contains the declaration of the printf() function. Without this, your program won't recognize printf() or any standard input/output function.
  • void main(): This function signifies the starting point of your C program. The execution of any C program begins with the main. The keyword void indicates that the main does not return any value.
  • printf("Hello World");: This statement invokes the printf() function to print the "Hello World" string to the console. The printf() function can display strings, numbers, and various data types, making it one of the most versatile and frequently used output functions in C.


The printf() function is a fundamental part of C programming, enabling output display to the console. Through this simple "Hello World" program, beginners can grasp how to use printf() to print text. As you progress in C programming, you'll find printf() invaluable for debugging and displaying program outputs.

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