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PHP Tutorial

This Introductory chapter helps beginner programmer to get started in PHP.

    PHP Introduction

    The main focus of this lesson is to describe the introduction of programming with PHP.

    • Some Facts About PHP
    • What You Can Do with PHP
    • PHP Why? Popular Features of PHP
    • PHP vs. Other Technologies

    PHP Installation

    PHP installation phase has been explained with proper instructions.

    • About PHP Interpreter.
    • Installing Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

    PHP Basics

    PHP Startup Introduction.
    This lesson describes how PHP works and how to use a php.ini file.

      PHP Syntax

      This lesson has a detailed description of PHP Syntax. It's essential for you to before proceeding to learn more advanced lessons in PHP.

      • PHP Tags.
      • Comments in PHP.
      • How to write PHP with HTML.

        PHP Data Types

        This lesson describes PHP Data Types and converting between Data Types.

          PHP Variables

          This lesson describes rules for naming variables and Variable Variables.

            PHP Constants

            This lesson describes how to create and use PHP constants.

              PHP Ternary Operator

              When coding, we always look for shortcuts everywhere or try to make things concise and effective. In PHP and other programming languages, the ternary operator is a concise way to write conditional statements that improve code readability and effectiveness. You […]


                PHP Looping

                The loop is used to re-execute a block of code until the specified condition is met. Sometimes loops are beneficial for developers to save the time and effort of writing similar code. In this tutorial, you will learn what are loops in PHP and why they are important.

                  PHP GET and POST

                  This lesson shows how to collect submitted form-data from users using POST and GET method.

                    PHP File Upload

                    This lesson describes how to upload the file into the server by using PHP.

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