Welcome to this comprehensive tutorial series on PHP! In this tutorial series, you'll learn all the essential PHP language features for web development. From basic syntax to advanced programming concepts, you'll have everything you need to create dynamic and interactive websites.

Prerequisites for Learning PHP

Before you begin this PHP tutorial, you must have a basic understanding and experience of the following:

  • HTML Knowledge: Since PHP is often embedded in HTML, understanding HTML is crucial.
  • Basic Programming Knowledge: If you're familiar with programming languages like C, PHP will be easier to learn.

Integrating PHP with HTML

Let's begin with a basic PHP example within an HTML document to display dynamic content on a web browser. Please refer to the PHP Syntax page for a detailed description.

Example of a Basic PHP Script Embedded in HTML

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>PHP Test</title>
    <h1>PHP Code Output</h1>
            echo "Hello world, I'm a <strong>PHP</strong> script embedded in HTML!";

In the above PHP example, the PHP script is embedded within the HTML body. The PHP echo statement outputs the text "Hello world, I'm a PHP script embedded in HTML!" on the web page.

Experimenting with PHP

You can use our online PHP compiler to practice and experiment with PHP. This tool lets you edit PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in your browser and see the results instantly.
Online PHP Compiler ❯

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