In PHP, a variable's data type is not determined by the developer. At the time of interpretation of the web page, PHP decides the data type of variables.

Data Types available in PHP:
  • Numeric
  • String
  • Boolean
  • Array
  • object
  • Resource
  • NULL

Numeric Data Type

There are two different numeric data types, which are used for number:

  • Integer
  • Double (floating point numbers)

Integer Data Type

Integer data type has full number values.


$intValue = 100;

Double Data Type

Floating point numbers are the contains Double.


$doubValue = 55.5;

String Data Type

String data type contains letters or textual information. Value is assigned to the double or single quotes.


    $strName = "Neel";
    $strId = "Neel456";

Converting Between Data Types


    $a = 9.88;
    echo (int) $a; // Outputs 9

Values cannot be converted to certain types; for example, you cannot convert any value into a resource. However, you can convert a resource into a numerical or string data type, in which case PHP will return the numeric ID of the resource, or the string Resource id # followed by the resource ID.

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