You all live in a very fortunate period because social media and social networking help us stay connected both socially and professionally. Also, social media helps in doing new marketing. Entrepreneurs have to sense the utilization of this excellent tool that is almost free of cost. For physically doing marketing, you have to buy time, space, pay for the platform, and location; social media is almost free to market your product. Popular online platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, etc. promote your product or service. In this chapter, you will learn about different ways of using online services as tools for connecting with consumers and other delegates.

Planning for Social Media Strategy

The most common question that comes into the obvious mind of entrepreneurs is, "how do I create a strategy for social media?" Promoting something through social media for connecting your target customer is a very fresh and new phenomenon that can reach thousands or even millions of users out there if you are putting it in the right way.

For social media marketing and promotions, you should not have to deal with any specific strategy. The only thing you have to do is experiment > analyze and see what happens and how far you can progress.

Why You Should Embrace Social Media

Entrepreneurs should embrace social media as it provides them the facility to do many promotions, and putting ads and redirecting the links to their website helps spread their plans and actions. Here are some of the advantages that entrepreneurs can get from social media services over the internet:

  1. Better Communication: Social media helps entrepreneurs with the opportunity of hearing what the customers say, i.e., the feedback and rating thing. Let suppose a branding of your product is done on Twitter or Facebook; customers can send a straight message on the brand page or profile. This becomes easier for entrepreneurs in keeping track of the choices and needs of potential customers.
  2. Decrease the Marketing Cost: Marketing through social media helps entrepreneurs pay less and promote more. Hence, it reduces TV advertising for showcasing your products to the right audience and customers. The best part of social media is low cost but a high number of targeted customers.
  3. Increase in sales: According to some statistical reports, it has been found that half of the marketers who have opted for social media got benefitted, which also improve their sales. As an entrepreneur, all the posts you give on a social media stage counts. When it reaches the exact users, your sales start increasing.
  4. Increased Brand Awareness: Entrepreneurs can also use social media to expand their reach. With the increase in the number of users talking about your brand on social media, you get more publicity for your product.
  5. Increase in traffic: For every entrepreneur, the company website is one of the most precious assets. A lot of entrepreneurs do business through websites by offering premium products or services. Using social media, they can do publicity of their products and offers, which will redirect customers to his/her official site.

Sadly, there are a lot of entrepreneurs who are your competitors. So, be the early adopters for this marketing approach and embrace social media as a marketing tool.

Points to Remember While Promoting on Social Media

  • Figure out the business model and describe it in short over social media services.
  • Share with images and diagrams what your enterprise produce or provide.
  • Figure out the kind of people you need to attract your business model to work.
  • Figure out the trend and kind of stuff people want to read over social media.

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