Success doesn't come so easily, neither for ordinary people nor for entrepreneurs. There are many phases one has to cross to make a business successful or raise an enterprise to a better position. Team-building or hiring the right employees is one of the most important factors for starting a successful startup or enterprise.

What Makes Great Startup - Great Team?

Team dynamics is the essential point to the failure or success of a startup company. The startup founders always had the psychology that their company is their life - successes in product development and customers loving what they are doing and any trouble for the company is what makes the founders think. All these things (whether success or failure) are connected to the team and the team members on whom the top-tier company officials can rely. That is the reason why a legitimate team at the very early stage of a startup is so much valuable than just a set of employees.

Whom to Hire and What to Look for in Employees?

Among the top six reasons for any company's failure, in the third position comes the entity "Not having the right team". This chapter will learn about how to choose your employee and build a balanced team for entrepreneurship.

  1. Hire those who can act and get the job done: No business has flourished just by narrating a series of ideas. It's the execution and doing the hard [art, i.e., engineering to transform an idea into a product. Hire those for your team who are capable of accomplishing things instead of just discussing it.
  2. Do not build your team for just your startup: The word startup is temporary and does not hire employees with a temporary vision or goals. You have to focus on your enterprise that will hold a business that will remains doable for years to come. In other words, hire employees with a long-term vision in mind.
  3. Hire employees who comprehend and respect the importance of customer service. Your team member needs to be driven by a craving to do perfect things to look best to the end consumer.
  4. Personalities matter: It is not always that one should be perfect in every way. But a strong personality that comprises interpersonal skills, balanced psychology, and logic building and cognitive abilities can work pretty well along with hard skills.
  5. Avoid homogeneity in the building team: When all team members have the same personality, it will lead to homogeneity. You'll see they will all work the same way. They are all obsessed with the same way and actions. Thinking the same way won't help grow your team.
    • This will lead your team to a dark room with no creativity.
    • This will lead everyone in your team to have the same blind spot.
  6. Tell your employee about your company's vision: You cannot start a conversation about your startup and products without discussing the vision you and your co-founders are chasing.
  7. Believe in investing in recruiter: You must spend considerable time to research your employees while hiring. If not, keep a/some recruiter(s) based on your company size who can do this part for you.

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