Every idea or product faces this issue of chasm if you come up with an item that is new in the market. This chasm occurs because there is a majority of people who hesitate to change their flavor and start using new things. Some early adopters will try them, and hence entrepreneurs target the early adopters. These early adopters will tell other people, and then they will say some other people, which makes the chain in the market for connecting a new product.

You might find many people adopting your idea as their need, but there may come a stage where there's a big gap that you have to jump, a big leap that entrepreneurs must have to take with determination. This gap may arise because of adopters who are not familiar with the product, or they are back-dated people, or there is a generation gap. In the chasm theory, the people residing at the bottom of the pyramid listens to the people at the top of the pyramid, and top pyramid people are easy to identify because they work for big companies that deal with the latest products, rate these new products, and test them for the market and for reviewing. Once you cross the chasm stage of your growth, you can quickly move on with the product and its growth.

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