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C Programming

C Dynamic Memory Allocation

The functions used to manipulate memory in C programming are malloc(), calloc(), and realloc(). These commonly used functions are available through the stdlib() library, so you must include this library in your program to use them.

Java Programming

Java Program Structure

Here, in this chapter, you will study the structure of the Java program. Such as how to create a simple Java program and what its different sections mean.
<li>About Java Program Structure.</li>
<li>Java main Method.</li>
<li>Hello Java Program.</li>

Java Programming

Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

The Java Virtual Machine is called JVM, is an abstract computing machine or virtual machine interface that drives the java code.
<li>What is JVM?</li>
<li>Why Java is Platform Independent?</li>
<li>About Just-in-time Compiler (JIT).</li>


PHP Introduction

The main focus of this lesson is to describe the introduction of programming with PHP.

  • Some Facts About PHP
  • What You Can Do with PHP
  • PHP Why? Popular Features of PHP
  • PHP vs. Other Technologies

JSON Introduction

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight text-data interchange format used to store information in an organized manner for transmitting data between server and web application. This lesson describes What JSON is and what you can do by using it.