Python keywords are predefined reserved words with special meanings and cannot be used as identifiers (variable or function names). These keywords have specific roles and functionalities within the Python language. They are part of the language's syntax and are essential in defining control structures, data types, flow control, and other fundamental aspects of programming.

Python Reserved Keywords List

Keywords define control flow structures, functions, import modules, and perform many other essential operations in Python. Here is a list of keywords available in Python:

List of Python Keywords (35 in Python 3.11.1)
False class from or
None continue global pass
True def if raise
and del import return
as elif in try
assert else is while
async except lambda with
await finally nonlocal yield
break for not

You can easily find a list of Python keywords using the Python help() function. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Python terminal or interactive shell.
  2. Type help() and press Enter to start the interactive help utility.
  3. In the Help utility, type the "keyword" and press Enter. This will display information about Python keywords.


>>> help()
Welcome to Python 3.11's help utility!

help> keywords

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