System software is used for making your computer or PC presentable for using. It also deals with the tasks of managing the resources of the computer. Hence it has to run at the very base level of your computer. Hence it is called as Low-level software.

Example of System software are:

  • Unix, Windows for PC
  • Android for Mobile
  • Compilers
  • Interpreters
  • Drivers

Moreover, there are five subtypes of system software and they play their individual roles:

  • OS (operating system) which acts as an interface for users and your computer hardware.
  • Drivers which you can also call device drivers which makes your devices and additional peripheral devices to life.
  • Firmware is programs that remain embedded within the chip or flash of a device and helps to manage and control that specific hardware.
  • Programming Language Compilers are implemented to create applications written in HLL to Machine Level Language and back to high-level language.
  • System Utilities are programs developed specifically for system's maintenance and diagnostic purposes.

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