Software Testing Tutorials 8 Lessons

Software Testing Overview

Software testing can be defined as the action for checking if the tangible result or output of product matches with the projected or expected output (of your client) and testing also ensures that the product is free from any bug or defect.

    Software Testing Principles

    Testing of software is exceptionally imaginative and an intellectual task for testers to perform. Testing of software or applications pursue some principles that are mentioned in this chapter. These principles also play a major role for a software tester to test the project.

      Types of Software Testing

      This chapter describes various types of software testing and when they get implemented in the SDLC model.

      • Manual Testing
      • Automation Testing

      Software Testing Standards

      There are various organizations and groups all around the world who build up and set diverse standards for improving the excellence and user experience of their software. In this chapter, you will be learning about the widely implemented standards used in software development for increasing the Quality Assurance (QA) and testing of a product.

        Software Testing Methods

        There are various methods for testing a software. These methods are chosen by different testers based on their requirement and methodologies. But there are three fundamental software testing methods that are very popular and are used in almost every project development.

          Software Testing Levels

          Various levels are being followed by testers during the time of testing. The major two levels of testing have been divided into four levels of testing. These levels of software testing comprise of dissimilar methodologies which can be implemented at the time of testing a software.

            Software Testing Documentation

            Documenting the test cases deals with documentation part of the developed product which should have to be developed before or at the time of software testing. Documenting the test cases will facilitate you to estimate the testing effort you will need along with test coverage and tracking and tracing requirement.

              Software Testing Estimation Techniques

              Estimating of test efforts is one of the important as well as significant tasks in software development process If you correctly estimate your project, it will help you to test the software with utmost exposure.