Cosmetic Testing is a new form of testing, where the UI (User Interface) and UX (User experience) are being tested and checked whether the GUI or design of the project seems good from the user's perspective.

Cosmetic testing deals with:

  • More excellent looks of the buttons and texts.
  • Proper implementation of wordings in the UI.
  • Proper adjustment of color and texture.
  • Proper contrast in text and background of your application.
  • Proper use of symbols for buttons or other options.

These things should have to be checked to give a better user experience so that the application's proper functioning is maintained. Let suppose your software has no bug and is working fine and smooth but lacks these above-mentioned cosmetic abilities; then, the user won't find it interactive and hence may drop your product in search of better ones in the market. Thus cosmetic testing is also an important testing methodology to be followed.

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