Acceptance Testing can be defined as the level of software testing where your system will be tested for acceptability, or you can say suitability.

These types of tests in products are done for evaluating the compliance of the system with business needs and check if it's suitable for delivery or not.

Typically, a Black box testing technique needs to be implemented for Acceptance Test. Though it doesn't usually pursue a strict practice still, you can follow this testing technique to better accept your product by users.

Tasks to Be Done Through Acceptance Testing

  • Plan for acceptance test:
    • Prepare
    • Review
    • Rework
    • Baseline

The cycle must be followed to achieve acceptance testing plan:

  • Cases for acceptance test:
    • Prepare
    • Review
    • Rework
    • Baseline
  • Acceptance Test to be carried on:
    • Perform

When to Perform Acceptance Test?

This test can be performed after the system test and before making available your system for use.

Attributes for Acceptance Testing and Reporting

Here are the report attributes that can be followed to create an acceptance testing report:

  • Set a report identifier
  • Grab and put all the summary of results
  • Variations found
  • Recommendations are given
  • To-Do List summary
  • Approval Decision

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