Stress testing and performance testing are two major testing types used in software testing. In this chapter, you will be learning in brief about these two types.

Stress testing is a form of non-functional testing method which does a portion of performance testing in software testing. When you do the stress testing, the monitoring of the system is done to check whether the system is overloading or not and to make sure whether the system can hold the entire stress or process of the application.

If you want to recover the system from such a stage, it becomes severe and critical for recovery after the stress test is one.

Reasons for Conducting Stress Testing

  • Stress testing permits the testers to monitor the system's performance at the time of failure.
  • It also verifies the machine's performance and checks whether it has saved the data before the system crashes.
  • It is also used for verifying whether unexpected malfunctions don't lead to security-related problems.

Stress Testing - Scenarios

  • Monitoring of system's working at times when the maximum number of consumers logged at a time.
  • Check for every user to perform the critical operations.
  • Accessibility of users at the same file.

Performance Testing

Performance testing can be defined as a non-functional testing method for performing or determining the system constraints under different workloads. This test technique also measures the system's quality attributes like:

  • Scalability
  • Reliability and
  • Resource usage

Furthermore, it can also be used for verifying whether a system congregates all the specifications required by the manufacturer or not. Hence, it is used to compare multiple devices and programs regarding constraint like speed, the transfer rate of data, its bandwidth and throughput, and efficiency.

Performance Testing Tools

Here are some set of tools that can be used to carry out performance testing. These are:

  • Jmeter -
  • Open STA -
  • Load Runner -
  • Web Load -

Attributes Taken Care of in Performance Testing

  • Speed
  • Stability
  • Reliability
  • Scalability

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