Estimating test efforts is one of the important as well as significant tasks in the software development process. If you correctly estimate your project, it will help you to test the software with maximum exposure. In this chapter, you will get some basic idea about some of the methods that can help estimate the testing efforts required.

Define Software Test Estimation?

Software Testing Estimation (STE) can be defined as the management of activity that calculates a rough estimation of how long a task or work or test will take in completing. The estimation effort of testing acts as one of the chiefs and significant tasks for management test.

Factors needed in Estimating Effort for Test:

  • The complexity of your application needs to be tested.
  • Proper availability of requirements.
  • Proper requirement's availability of documents other artifacts for testing.
  • Proper external application linkages.
  • Previous testing experience.
  • Specific & domain software knowledge.
  • Check for the performance of your project & its environment.
  • Estimate the risks that may occur in application deployment.
  • Various methods were implemented for conducting the test.
  • The method and technology needed for developing the application.
  • Tools needed for testing.

What to Estimate?

  • Estimate Resources: are needed for carrying out the project and project-related tasks. Resources can be like:
    • People
    • Equipment
    • Facilities
    • funding or something other than that that is capable of classifying requisite for completing the project's activity
  • Estimate Time: is one of the most vital elements of any project. Each of the project you will be doing will be having a deadline for delivery
  • Estimate human Skills and Domain: Skilled human power and skilled in the particular domain means that one should have to have proper knowledge as well as experience in this domain area or in which one is specialized in
  • Estimated Cost: Cost estimation deals with the software's budget. It means how much monetary value it will require for finishing the project

How to Estimate?

Estimation everything mentioned above needs automated or manual estimation. Here's a list of Estimation Techniques for testing software:

  • 3-Point product Estimation Test
  • Wideband Delphi method
  • Function point and testing point breakdown
  • Use-case Methodologies
  • Distribution in percentage
  • Method of ad-hoc

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