C++ Operators

C++ operator is a symbol that is used to perform mathematical or logical manipulations. C++ language is rich with built-in operators.

Arithmetic Operators


Increment and Decrement Operators


Relational Operators

==Is equal to
!=Is not equal to
>Greater than
<Less than
>=Greater than or equal to
<=Less than or equal to

Logical Operators

&&And operator. Performs a logical conjunction of two expressions.
(if both expressions evaluate to True, result is True. If either expression evaluates to False, result is False)
||Or operator. Performs a logical disjunction on two expressions.
(if either or both expressions evaluate to True, result is True)
!Not operator. Performs logical negation on an expression.

Bitwise Operators

<<Binary Left Shift Operator
>>Binary Right Shift Operator
~Binary One's Complement Operator
&Binary AND Operator
^Binary XOR Operator
|Binary OR Operator

Assignment Operators

+=Increments, then assigns
-=Decrements, then assigns
*=Multiplies, then assigns
/=Divides, then assigns
%=Modulus, then assigns
<<=Left shift and assigns
>>=Right shift and assigns
&=Bitwise AND assigns
^=Bitwise exclusive OR and assigns
|=Bitwise inclusive OR and assigns

Misc Operators

,Comma operator
sizeof()Returns the size of an memory location.
&Returns the address of an memory location.
*Pointer to a variable.
? :Conditional Expression

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