C++ Keywords must be in your knowledge because you can not use them as a variable name. This tutorial describes various Keywords available in C++.

You can't use a keyword as an identifier in your C++ programs; it's reserved words in the C++ library and used to perform an internal operation. The meaning and working of these keywords are already known to the C++ compiler.

C++ Keywords List

asm else new this
auto enum operator throw
bool explicit private true
break export protected try
case extern public typedef
catch false register typeid
char float reinterpret_cast typename
class for return union
const friend short unsigned
const_cast goto signed using
continue if sizeof virtual
default inline static void
delete int static_cast volatile
do long struct wchar_t
double mutable switch while
dynamic_cast namespace template

In addition, the following words are also reserved:

And bitor not_eq xor
and_eq compl or xor_eq
bitand not or_eq

You should also try to avoid using names from the C++ library, e.g. swap, max.

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