It is good to learn about the history of C++. This lesson describes a brief history of C++.

Some Facts About C++

  • C++ development began in 1979, four years before its release, and it did not start with the name C++; Its first name was C with classes.
  • In the late part of 1983, C with Classes was first used for AT&T's internal programming needs.
  • Its name was changed to C++ later in the same year.
  • C++ was not released commercially until the late part of 1985.

C++ implements data abstraction using a concept called classes, along with other features to allow object-oriented programming and is considered a high-level language. Classes help programmers with the organization of their code. They can also be beneficial in assisting programmers to avoid mistakes.

The original C++ compiler, called Cfront, was written in the C++ programming language. C++ compilation is considered efficient and fast. Its speed can be attributed to its high-level features in conjunction with its low-level components. When compared to other computer programming languages, C++ can be viewed as quite short. This is because C++ leans towards the use of special characters instead of keywords.